Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trianon Palace Versailles - The Waldorf Astoria Luxury Hotel

Trianon Palace Versailles - The Waldorf Astoria Luxury Hotel

Royal pedigree meets modern elegance at this Versailles estate. The opulent rooms and Gordon Ramsay restaurant offer an experience equaled only by the manicured gardens of the outdoor landscape.

This is France as dreamt of by young girls. Revel in palatial architecture, serene Versailles gardens, and centuries old forests. The palace itself sits directly on the edge of the Royal Domain, a mere 30-minutes drive from the center Paris.

Once inside the Palace, guests will be pleasantly surprised, as the hotel has undergone an extensive update. Dark purples and deep gold are set off with vibrant mossy greens to lend a current, yet timeless, feeling to every area.

Speaking of areas, here are two that guests cannot miss: the Guerlain Spa, and the Gordon Ramsay au Trianon. At the spa, enjoy some of the finest body and facial treatments the old world has to offer. Once sufficiently relaxed, dip into to the Grecian-inspired indoor pool, as sunlight sparkles overhead through the sprawling domed skylight. When you're all dry, why not grab a bite? Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay has designed a two Michelin star dining experience sure to indulge even the most worldly palate.

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