Friday, March 11, 2011

Genius SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Genius SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Genius SlimStar 8000 fresh set includes a black wireless mouse and wireless keyboard also, both devices use a technology called 2.4 GHz radio with automatic tuning, not allowing other wireless devices interfere with the radius of 10 meters. Communication with the computer through a special USB-adapter.

Combo keyboard has ultra-thin design keys provide quiet and gentle pressing, as provided for in the design of the drainage holes to protect from moisture inside, in addition, the keyboard includes a keyboard volume buttons.

The mouse is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1200 dpi, capable of providing precise cursor movement on almost any surface, it is worth to mention about the existence of a roller wheel scroll in four directions Magic Roller, through which you can not just flip through documents in the four directions, but also to zoom in applications Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. Genius SlimStar 8000 works with three batteries, type AAA, total weight is 450 grams, the recommended price - $ 24.90.

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